Every two years, the volume of data in the world doubles, and by 2025, it is estimated that this volume of data will reach 180 zettabytes. Unstructured data, such as text and images account for 90% of this amount.

Businesses around the world are waking up to the opportunities presented by the massive amounts of data they are generating and collecting. Hidden in the data are novel insights that can improve operations and launch innovative services. Enterprise monetization opportunities lurk within the wealth of information if only they had ways to sift through and process that information.

We’ve implemented hundreds of successful projects in many industries, such as financial services, telecommunications, energy, and logistics, we've built up a team of highly experienced consultants, identified the best technologies, and developed the most effective methodologies to help you make more accurate business decisions through data.

With our wealth of experience in business intelligence and data management, NTT DATA Philippines can help you unlock business value from your big data in a wide spectrum of applications, such as targeted advertisements, recommendation systems, prediction, energy consumption estimation, and smart metering.