NTT DATA is a one stop shop that offers comprehensive portfolio of SAP solutions covering a range of business areas, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), Master Data Management (MDM), Business Intelligence (BI), and Business Warehouse (BW).

We also offer the newer line of SAP technologies, including HANA, Analytics, Mobility, and Cloud. We also offer industry-specific solutions such as SAP Business All in One for a wide range of industries.

As a member of the NTT DATA group, we belong to a worldwide network with more than 8,000 SAP experts worldwide and 25 years of experience in implementing, operating and optimizing SAP applications. We focus on supporting customers looking to make platform and/or modernization initiatives across the SAP application and database spectrum. To this end, strategically we are bringing this core global capability of the NTT DATA business to support the Philippines SAP community.

Value Proposition

HANA Center of Excellence (CoE)

The Hana CoE is NTT DATA’s think tank for any HANA related activity. With HANA as a key aspect of SAP’s strategy, the HANA CoE helps translate the strategy to business results for NTT DATA. The HANA CoE also acts as the enablement and knowledge exchange hubs within NTT DATA.

SuccessFactors Rapid Deployment

NTT DATA enables rapid deployment by delivering HR services on SuccessFactors via a “ready to run” approach. We also offer NTT DATA Gold Client, a dedicated, pre-configured SuccessFactors environment with all modules of SuccessFactors and our rapid deployment service (RDS) templates. All these translate to a light touch implementation approach on set up, training and coaching that gets you up and running in the shortest possible time.

NTT DATA it.people&perform

Our it.people&perform package delivers HR critical business processes utilising SAP SuccessFactors functionality with limited customisation. We’ve taken the time to develop each solution by incorporating best business practices with standardised content and templates developed over the years from some of the most complex implementations in the country. Know that this is a tried and true approach, stream- lined to allow your organisation to recognise value in a short amount of time. Our pre-delivered templates, tools and best practices are used by leading organisations around the world and will guarantee a successful go-live for your organisation.

Download Brochure Document(PDF: 02 pages, 767KB)

Scope & Deliverables

  • Add new Employee/ Rehire Capture all basic employee information.
  • Take action like Job change/Transfer/Pay rate change Use of actions for changing the job and/or ensation information of an employee.
  • Manage Position - Create, update and deactivate positions online with appropriate controls, store and track position category, job description, related organizational entities, and current incumbent.
  • Leave and Absence management - Track absences, apply leaves with appropriate approvals.
  • Organizational Management - Create the People/ Position based org structure.
  • People Profile - Employees and Manager section.
  • Badges - Recognise employees with badges.
  • Faces - Upload profile pictures.
  • Personalised Home page - Personalise homepage as per the company Branding.
  • Job Profile Builder - Build Job description including Skill and Competency requirement.
  • Company Directory Builder - Simple search engine for the employees.
  • Reporting - Get Standard Report and build new reports.
  • Goal Management - Template-one standard template Combine goal alignment, visibility, and accountability reports to keep managers up-to-date on their employees’ progress to meet business objectives.
  • Goal Cascading - Allow to cascade to the goal.
  • Pre-packaged Goal and Competency Evaluation Library - Prepopulated Goals based on the job function.
  • Performance management - one standard Template Facilitate an ongoing dialogue between employees and managers.
  • 360-degree Review - Collect feedback on employees’ performance and behaviour with quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Calibration and Stack Ranker - Help organisation to do the normalization.
  • Document Generation -max 2 Generate letter like address proof.
  • Continuous Performance Management.


  • One Global System of Record.
  • Cloud based HR Data for better decisions across the enterprise.
  • Eliminate manual tracking for employee data and continuing HR capabilities in the Cloud.
  • Capturing employee, organizational, and talent data all in one solution delivers better results, faster.
  • With position management and organizational charting.
  • HR workflows across the solutions.
  • Integration with Mobile.
  • Document generation.
  • Create individual goals across the organisation.Streamline the performance review process Accurate performance assessments.
  • Calibrate performance.
  • Optimize your company’s most asset – it’s people.

Package Information

  • Total Weeks: 3
  • One Time Implementation Fee : PHP 2.1M
  • Employee Range up to 1,000
  • SAP SuccessFactors subscription fee recurs annually

Makati City, June 04, 2018

NTT DATA Philippines (NDPH) proudly announced today that it has won at the 2018 Microsoft Philippines Partner Awards under the Optimize Operations category, which recognizes partners who help customers optimize their operations by gathering data and drawing insights through advanced analytics.

Awards were presented in several categories, with winners chosen from a set of numerous entrants. NDPH was recognized for providing outstanding solutions and services for one of the leading fast food chains in the country and across the globe, using Microsoft technologies to help the customer achieve their business vision and goals.

This is NDPH's first Partner of the Year Award in the Philippines under the NTT DATA corporate name. NDPH was formerly known as Wizardsgroup, a Philippine-based organization offering high-value IT consulting and learning solutions for Oracle and Microsoft technologies mainly in the local market. With the acquisition of NTT DATA Corporation, headquartered in Japan in 2016, NDPH leverages its capability to access global resources and expertise establishing world-class IT services to the fullest to drive businesses faster in the country and the region. NDPH distinguishes the win as a validation of their advocacy to inspire, motivate, and empower organizations through digital transformation.

The Microsoft Philippines Partner Awards honors Microsoft partners in the country who have demonstrated business excellence in delivering Microsoft solutions to customers over the past year. The award recognizes NDPH as succeeding in effective engagement with its local Microsoft office while showcasing innovation and business impact, driving customer satisfaction, and delivering efficient and seamless business operations.

About NTT DATA Philippines

NTT DATA is a global IT innovator headquartered in Japan that engages with its customers, combining its worldwide reach and local knowledge to create tailor-fit and novel IT solutions for organizations that are world-class, using globally proven best practices and techniques.

NTT DATA Philippines leverages on 20 years of operations in the Philippines and its deep understanding of the market and business practices. It is composed of a strong local team of business and technical consultants who help customers improve their business processes.

Visit to learn how our consultants, projects, managed services, and outsourcing engagements deliver value for a range of businesses.

Yo Honma"In May 2018, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of NTT DATA’s founding. On this auspicious occasion, we presented an updated corporate vision and tagline—Trusted Global Innovator—to reflect our company’s evolution of services and our unwavering commitment to the clients we serve. As a trusted, long-term partner, we are dedicated to helping clients leverage cutting-edge technologies to future-proof business models and developing innovative solutions to meet their needs.


We will create new markets for digital business, provide even higher quality services by leveraging the aggregated strengths of the worldwide NTT DATA, and proactively pursue the technical excellence our clients expect from us. Through these initiatives, we will support our clients’ missions and play a critical role in resolving the world’s social problems. We aim to be a presence that stirs waves of change for the betterment of society.

NTT DATA will continue to push forward, striving to be an entity that is trusted by its clients and capable of helping realize a more affluent and harmonious society. We intend to achieve this by standing side-by-side with our clients around the world and providing them with high-quality services. I hope that we may benefit from your warm and enduring support in this endeavor."

Yo Honma
Representative Director
President and Chief Executive Officer

NTT DATA Philippines makes data-driven innovation a reality at scale and at speed, to deliver more interconnected experiences.


The De La Salle - College of St. Benilde or "Benilde" as what it is known for, is a private Catholic college renowned for its dynamic and innovative learning community approach in the Malate district of Manila, wanted an IT infrastructure that could support its aggressive population growth plans. NTT DATA Philippines has engaged with Benilde on implementing a medium-term strategy to modernize and future-proof their applications by utilizing a true private database cloud platform (ODA). NTT DATA delivered an integrated service consisting of several hardware and top-level Oracle database system which is expected to save the College 25% in operating costs.


Benilde started in 1988 as an autonomous college, with seven (7) course divisions and degree programs. The College has been experiencing an explosive growth in student population over the past few years as it stood 14,000 students on top of 800 faculty members and 400 associates, prior to the technology implementation. The College population has grown faster than expected and the existing IT infrastructure has not been able to keep up. Due to such inevitable growth, the College's Student Information System Database (SISDB) which is their primary system running on Oracle Database 10g (version, hosted on EMC Stratus server, was an urgent critical concern which needed to be addressed due to system capacity and right sizing issues. Benilde's technology leaders determined that the institution's existing in-house IT infrastructure was insufficient to support their goal for their data migration project. They wanted a solution that would:

  • Reduce the time and cost to introduce new products, as well as provide enhancements
  • Enable the company to scale student activity rollouts, automate processes, and increase agility
  • Provide timely insight to monitor, manage, and expand the business
  • Ensure continuous improvement and innovation in technology delivery


NTT DATA Philippine's Infrastructure solution team (NTT DATA) provided a seamless migration of Benilde's SISDB (Single Instance) database version to SISDB Oracle Real Application Clusters (High-Available/RAC) database version which is hosted on Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) X5-2, the combination provides Benilde unparalled database availability, performance and scalability on an Engineered Platform. There is a maximum of 64 TB (double mirrored) of storage which could be used, continuous availability and recoverability is offered via Transparent Application Failover (TAF) it boasts the capability to resume processing on another node without interruption in an event of a node failure. Database Software Patching could be done in a rolling fashion which minimizes application downtime. The Capacity On-Demand software licensing allows user to scale from 2 processor cores to 72 without incurring the costs and downtime associated with hardware upgrades.

There is a fully integrated and redundant system of software, servers, storage and networking that delivers high-availability database services for a wide range of OLTP and data warehousing applications.

Our consultants co-managed the IT strategic roadmap with Benilde that will support the College and help drive the intitution's priorities for total cost of ownership.


NTT DATA Philippines successfully completed Benilde's migration and has moved vital student's data of the College which were in the data center, servers to a cloud enabled platform. We deliver 24/7 infrastructure and application monitoring and managed services, including disaster recovery through NTT DATA Philippines' very own service offering called DBA 911.

In addition, the new solution is expected to enable Benilde to:

Support digital archiving and records management for on-demand delivery and servicing in support of new business

  • Ensure high availability, data protection and disaster recovery > Create high-performance, reliable database
  • Reduce IT costs, cut time on applying system patches by 20% to 30%
  • Benefit from more robust business continuity and application management services

About the Client

The College is a member institution of De La Salle Philippines, a network of 17 schools under De La Salle Brothers Philippine District. It is the first in the Philippines to offer degrees in animation, consular and diplomatic affairs, digital filmmaking, export management, fashion design and merchandising, multimedia arts, music production, photography and information technology major in game design and development.


Degree and non-degree programs in the arts, design, management, service industries, computer applications in business, and special fields of study.



About NTT DATA Philippines, Inc. (NDPH)

NTT DATA Philippines, Inc., formerly known as Wizardsgroup Inc., is a leading Information Technology organization with the mission of creating high value IT solutions and services for medium-sized to large enterprises. NDPH emphasizes long-term commitment and combines global reach and local intimacy to provide premier professional services, from consulting, application services, and business process and IT outsourcing to clou-based solutions.

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NTT DATA’s history goes back to 1967, when the DATA Communications Bureau was established within the Nippon Telegraph and telephone Public Corporation (now NTT). If this was its "First Founding" as a company, then the "Second Founding" occurred in 1988 when NTT DATA Communications Systems Corporation was spun off into a separate company from NTT. Its "Third Founding" as a company was in 2008, when it marked the 20th anniversary of its establishment. Today, NTT DATA is in the process of becoming a "Trusted Global Innovator," which together with its customers, uses information technology to change society.

  • An India-based unit of NTT DATA, Inc., achieved the highest Maturity Level 5 for CMMI
  • Acquired 4C Management Consulting of Denmark, Spain-based everis Group, German IT service provider GISA GmbH
  • Becomes First Japanese Company to Join Asian Payment Network (APN)
  • NTT DATA to Contribute to Digital Archiving of Vatican Apostolic Library Manuscripts
  • NTT DATA and the Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Establish a Joint R&D Center
  • NTT DATA Established Representative Office in Manila
  • NTT DATA Group established new Group Vision
  • Release of NTT DATA Group’s song for its 60,000 employees“NTT DATA One Song  - Shine like the sun -”
  • NTT DATA Corporation Reaches $1 Billion in SAP® Software-Related Annualized Revenues
  • NTT DATA Business Solutions Acquires Innogence
  • Operation launched by our subsidiary in Myanmar
  • NTT DATA becomes a patron of The Open Championship
  • NTT DATA Business Solutions - Brand Launch in APAC
  • Share Acquisition in RMA, UK
  • NTT DATA established a new company providing SAP offerings globally
  • Keane, Intelligroup, MISI Company, The Revere Group, Vertex and AgileNet started doing business as NTT DATA
  • Acquired Italy-based Value Team S.p.A., establishing a bridgehead for entry into Latin American markets and extending the Group’s coverage to southern Europe and around the Mediterranean
  • Launched Global One Teams
  • Acquired Keane International, Inc., increasing the Group’s total work force to 50,000
  • Acquired Intelligroup, Inc.
  • New organizational structure "Company System" introduced
  • 20th anniversary of establishment
  • Consolidated net sales of ¥1 trillion achieved
  • First Japanese company to obtain BS 7799 certification, an international information security standard
  • Obtained ISO 14001 certification
  • Obtained ISO 9001 certification
  • Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Changed English name to NTT DATA Corporation
  • Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Received the Deming Application Prize for 1993
  • Headquarters relocated to Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo
  • Authorized as a Systems Integrator
  • NTT DATA Communications Systems Corporation spun off into a separate company from NTT
  • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) incorporated as a private company
  • Data Communications Bureau reorganized into Data Communications Division
  • Mainframe ultra-large-scale computer DIPS-11 Model 45 developed
  • DATA Communications Bureau established within Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation

Manila, April 19, 2018

NTT DATA, a Platinum SAP partner, and SAP Concur, the world's leading provider of travel, expense and invoice management solutions, today announced that they have expanded their existing partnership in the Asia-Pacific region by signing a Reseller Agreement for their business in the philippines.

Daire O'Mochain, Regional Manager Cloud Solutions for NTT DATA, said that the new partnership enhances NTT DATA's SAP Cloud offerings. "As an SAP Concur Advisory Partner we recommended the solution but customers needed to work with SAP for solution implementation," he explained. "However, this new partnership allows us to support the customer through the complete adoption cycle from assessing the solution fit and benefits through to implementation. This is especially important for customers who are considering or already using other SAP Cloud applications such as SAP Business ByDesign, SAP S/4 HANA Public Cloud or SAP SuccessFactors, all of which are also focus areas for NTT DATA's SAP business in APAC."

Business travel, expense and invoice landscape is experiencing a rapid evolution, fueled by emerging technologies such as mobile and cloud and the need to enhance employee experiences. SAP Concur allow businesses to simplify expense, travel and invoice management to gain greater efficiencies and clearer visibility into expenditure, and streamline operations. Madanjit Singh, Managing Director, Southeast Asia at SAP Concur, added, "Over the last few years, we've had success implementing SAP Concur's travel and expense solutions at leading Philippine Corporations and we have a comprehensive program to ensure customer success. I am confident that our partnership with NTT DATA will accelerate our business and increase SAP Concur's market share in Philippines. This partnership will also provide us the opportunity to expand our coverage in identified growth market across Southeast Asia."

Pocholo Reyes, President & CEO of NTT DATA Business Solutions Philippines, said "Concur is a great addition to our Philippine SAP business. I am excited to be the first Concur Reseller Partner in the country. The Philippines is a great market for travel and expense automation. And I personally look forward to us to further add value to our customers through this offering."

About NTT DATA Business Solutions

NTT DATA is a leading provider of SAP solutions and services for large and medium organisations in the public and private sectors. We enable our customers to solve their complex business challenges through innovative, value-adding, and proven deployments of SAP and complementary solutions. As part of the NTT DATA Group we leverage our global strength and capability while delivering localised service and flexibility.

About SAP Concur

For more than two decades, SAP Concur has taken companies of all sizes and stages beyond automation to a completely connected spend management solution encompassing travel, expense, invoice, compliance and risk. SAP Concur's global expertise and industry-leading innovation keep its customers a step ahead with time-saving tools, leading-edge technology and connected data, in a dynamic ecosystem of diverse partners and applications. User-friendly and business-ready, SAP Concur unlocks powerful insights that help businesses reduce complexity and see spending clearly, so they can manage it proactively. Learn more at (External Link) or the SAP Concur blog (External Link)


Noemi Encarnacion
SAP PH Practice Lead
NTT DATA Philippines
Tel:+63 917 326 7916

Daire O'Mochain
Regional Manager, SAP Cloud Solutions
NTT DATA Business Solutions | APAC
Tel:+60 11 2339 7779

Dominique Ng
Marketing Director, Southeast Asia
SAP Concur
Tel:+65 6664 4715

Microsoft Office 365 Enablement Program

Nine (9) Days | 8 Days Instructor-Led | Actual Certification Exam on the 9th day.

(Save up to 50%)

About this Program


This program includes training component (5 Days) on the technical knowledge needed to implement Microsoft Office 365  in an organization. It is followed through with a Microsoft Certification Review Class wherein, an MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) who passed the exam, will run simulation exams and give practical tips and additional knowledge to assist the students in passing the exam. The Program ends with the actual certification exam being taken by the students, to be scheduled another time.

Audience Profile


This course is intended for professionals in organizations who need to get certified to support implementation requirements of Microsoft Office 365.

Why Microsoft Certification?


"Having the solutions expert be part of the new branding of MCSE is definitely worthwhile because you can't just focus on a single technology anymore. You really need to know the entire platform and how it all integrates together." - Scott Brondel | Active Directory Engineer | Texas

Why get certified? Certifications give you a professional edge by providing globally recognized industry endorsed evidence of skills mastery, demonstrating your abilities and willingness to embrace new technologies. Verify your skills, unlock your opportunities. - (External Link)

Why Microsoft Office 365?


"One of Microsoft's biggest success this quarter has been its Office commercial products and services which grew an average of 5% overall. Office 365, by itself, saw an impressive revenue growth of nearly 70% and its consumer subscribers increased to 18.2 million, which means that in this quarter alone an impressive 3 million subscribers came on board. Microsoft also saw dynamics grow a further 12% with Dynamics CRM Online enterprise installed base growing more than 3 times year-over-year."

To be able to ride with the growth of Microsoft Office 365 platform will guarantee business growth in the coming years.


Microsoft Azure Package: Invest. Train. Certify.

Nowadays, the cloud platform is something that most organizations' IT can no longer ignore. Whether cloud adoption is meant to save cost of operations through infrastructure, or shorten development time to bring to the table working software, it is something worth considering as adopting it makes the company more competitive.

With this trend on where IT investments would be, it becomes imperative that you or your people will have the skill to support or implement Cloud solutions. Microsoft and NTT DATA Philippines, Inc. will help you and your people get the skills you need in implementing Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), Application as a Service (AAAS) through Microsoft Azure. We created the package below to enable and certify you or your people on Azure Skills.

The package below offer lowered costing on taking individual or group trainings from Microsoft Official Courses recognized globally. Aside from this, the packages also include Certification Exams that come along with free preparation tools to boost chances of passing them.

Here's more, NTT DATA Philippines puts in a half day Azure jumpstart session scheduled every other month, for FREE. This session will help you evaluate feasibility and investments as a practical next step into implementing your learnings.


Microsoft Azure Package below:

Terms and Conditions:

  • All trainings and exams will follow the standard terms and conditions of Instructor-led trainings, expiration of exams and MOC on Demand.
  • This Promo cannot coincide with Corporate Discounts in NTT DATA Philippines, Inc.
  • Reservation of seats is confirmed upon submission of the Course Reservation Form (CRF).
  • The Azure jumpstart half day session will be done every other month starting January 2018 to form a class size that is suitable for a run. The calendar will be tentatively booked with confirmation notices sent to each buyer of this promo to confirm.

How to Register?

  • Call us at (632) 757 4889 and look for Ms. Tina Toabe or your respective Account Managers.
  • Email us at:

Job Decriptions:
  • Analyze an organization and design its processes and systems, assessing the business model and its integration with technology.
  • Assess current state, identify customer requirements, and define the future state and/or business solution.
  • Research, gather and synthesize information.
Job Requirement:


  • ​​Degree in IT, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science or relevant experience.
  • At least 3 years of work experience.
Work Location:
Metro Manila
Contact Infomation:

Tel. No.: (632) 757-4889
Email: |

Job Decriptions:
  • SAP FICO Consultant: Exposure in plan, Analyze, Design, Build, Test, Test support and Deploy (including production support).
  • Will also provide KT Sessions with the team on SAP Finance, Controlling, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.
Job Requirement:


  • Degree in IT, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Accounting, Computer Science or relevant experience
  • At least 3 years of work experience.
Work Location:
Metro Manila
Contact Infomation:

Tel. No.:(632) 757 4889
Email: |

Outsourcing is not just a method of gaining a one-time cost advantage, but an effective strategy for gaining and maintaining competitive advantages when executed as part of an overall sourcing strategy.

NTT DATA Philippines combines two decades of experience implementing Microsoft and Oracle solutions, a pool of more than 230 qualified professionals, and the collaborative power of the NTT DATA group to create delightful solutions for our global clients.

Our numerous awards and certifications demonstrate our unwavering commitment to the technologies we provide. NTT DATA Philippines is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Business Intelligence, Portals and Collaboration, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Learning Solutions, as well as a Microsoft Cloud Deployment Partner. We are an Oracle Platinum Partner and Specialized 11g Database Partner. NTT DATA Philippines are also ISO 9001 Certified. We are also an SAP Platinum Partner and 2016 SAP Pinnacle Awards Winner for S/4 HANA and Global Value-Added Reseller of the Year.

IT investment is an important strategy for your business growth. However, to get the most out of your tools, it’s crucial to have people who have the right skills.

NTT DATA’s passion for teaching, technical expertise, and proven methodologies make us the ideal choice when it comes to equipping your people with the technical competencies they need to maximize your IT investment.

We draw from the rich experience of decades of consulting practice to craft our teaching methodologies and materials. That means our students will learn how it's done in the real world without the steep learning curve that usually results from a trial and error approach. Other training centers cannot say the same thing.

In our comprehensive lineup of courses, our consultants impart practical solutions to problems encountered in the field and best practices acquired through years of installing, implementing, and deploying Microsoft and Oracle products.

We continue to enjoy high customer satisfaction ratings backed by verifiable case studies, class evaluations, and student feedback. Our top-of-the-line training center comes with high-end workstations and catered meals—part of our commitment to provide an optimal training experience for our students.

NTT DATA Philippines has been a consistent recipient of numerous international and local awards—proof of our dedication to delivering world-class IT training and solutions to our customers. These include 2012 Country Partner of the Year, APIO Partner of the Year, BPIO Partner of the Year, and 2014 Oracle Technology Partner of the Year, among many other awards we’ve received over the years.

We understand the need for speed in business. We are flexible with training schedule requests—even on short notice—and you can expect a fast response time.

Market-leading strategies and solutions are necessary for transportations and logistics service providers to balance providing quality service to their customers and maintaining operating profits. Business models must be agile given increased regulation and global competition.

NTT DATA’s provides innovative IT solutions for transportation and logistics to compete on a local, regional, and global scale. We provide systems that streamline your business processes, as well as business intelligence and analytics that empower your strategy.

The telecommunications market is undergoing an unprecedented degree of change, driven by technological advancements such as LTE and fiber. Consumer expectations and the variety of technological choices pose increasing challenges to both new and traditional companies.

With our parent company, NTT, as the largest global telecommunication organization in the world, NTT DATA is uniquely placed to understand the pressures of your sector. Our telecommunications solutions help you find ways to prioritize data, roll out your products and services faster, control costs, and strengthen infrastructure. Be it sales analytics, robust system architecture, or content management, we can help you meet the unique challenges you face.

Manufacturing companies must grapple with the increasing pressure to meet changing customer and market demands while handling geographical dispersion and varying local or regional market requirements. Processes can be difficult to execute and communication can be compromised, with compressed profit margins adding to the pressure.

The business strategy of a manufacturing company must take these issues into account. Because of increasing modernization, it’s necessary to have a digital strategy that handles disruption well and paves the way for future growth. The primary arm of this strategy would be agile technology systems, which NTT DATA provides. Our solutions handle your entire manufacturing process, from development to distribution, as well as your internal management and technology infrastructure.

NTT DATA has a deep understanding of the issues faced by the insurance business. Globally, we have 7,000 industry-seasoned insurance resources, and we’ve gained experience through client relationships with more than 100 leading insurance companies. In the Philippines, we offer enterprise solutions to help you stay ahead of the competition by improving customer relations, generating insights from your sales data, and controlling your financials.

Companies in the automotive industry need to have strong collaborative skills given the heavy involvement found in all the tiers of its complex supply chain—from small suppliers, subcontractors, and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to car dealers and service stations. Business decisions cannot be made in isolation; a global view is necessary, with the entire value chain considered.

NTT DATA’s technology-enabled solutions and services help you streamline the entire lifecycle of your products, from product development and production to quality management. With our global track record of working with automobile manufacturers, OEMs, suppliers, and dealers, we not only optimize your efficiency end-to-end but also drive your business forward with data-informed strategies, leading to faster production and increased revenues.