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May 19, 2014 (Valenzuela City, Philippines) — When doing grocery shopping, many consumers find themselves spending a lot of time scanning the shelves in search of their preferred brand. If they are lucky enough to find it, the size is either too big or too small, or the variant available is not what they are looking for. Worse is when the merchandiser would deliver the usual excuse - 'no stock' with an apologetic smile. These scenarios prompt consumers to ask-- ‘why can’t they just do it right?’

From L-R: Jaybee Dator – National Sales Manager-Special Accounts Group (Corporate Sales), CDO Foodsphere; Mar Crisostomo – Business Development Manager-Key Accounts (Corporate Sales), CDO Foodsphere; George Syyap – VP for Corporate Sales (CDO Foodsphere); Francisco Elicaño – SVP Finance & Business Services, CDO Foodsphere; Jonas Binongo – MIS Head, CDO Foodspere; Percival Ramiso – Microsoft Group Sales Head, Wizardsgroup; Girlie Magtibay – Project Manager, Wizardsgroup

These are some of the issues (from production-to-marketing) CDO Foodsphere is looking to addressing collaboration with Wizardsgroup by implementing a highly efficient Business Intelligence platform.

CDO Foodsphere is one of the top food manufacturing companies in the Philippines catering to the unique food preference of Filipinos for 38 years. The Company is one of the few homegrown companies, who was able to bring local brands such as San Marino and Highlands canned products to popularity several months after its launch, ending the rule of mainstream and imported brands within its product category.

While successful in terms of product development, product quality assurance, production capacity and storage, CDO Foodsphere was not able to drive insights out of their sales numbers. “We have been very comfortable with our normal sales record, monitoring, and analytics system that we missed the fact that we were not maximizing the capability to turn data into actionable intelligence. We saw our sales records as mere numbers and overlooked the chance of innovating strategies to answer the changing needs of our market,” said George Syyap, VP for Corporate Sales of CDO Foodsphere.

“We were quite excited when we found out that CDO Foodsphere has a lot of data stored in their system. We will help CDO Foodsphere in every way to turn their data into insight that drives business impact – better planning, forecasting and executionwith the use of Microsoft Business Intelligence,” said Pocholo Reyes, Managing Director of Wizardsgroup.

“What we highlighted to CDO Foodsphere before we start working with them, is that, with this collaboration, they can relinquish expensive business intelligence offered by third party marketing and research groups to fully understand their consumer behavior. The numbers that they have in hand can be extracted and migrated to Microsoft SQL Server 2014 without huge overhead; access, edit, and analyze these data by using the full capabilities and user-friendly interface of Microsoft Excel 2013; customize matching of the different dimensions of their data, as well as generate reports from sales performance to compare actual versus budget accounts within minutes” Reyes explained.

Many companies regard sales numbers only as a basis to monitor revenues and product movement, This is not surprising as figures especially coming from different sources can be overwhelming, too taxing to combine requiring huge overhead.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 has the capability to extract data from other platforms without the need to buy specialized hardware or software, it uses tools which are familiar to computer users -- eliminating the need to spend more on training specific people for the job. The most important thing about Microsoft SQL Server is that it employs enterprise-level cloud backup and disaster recovery however enormous the data may be.

CDO Foodsphere can take advantage of the familiar tool integrated in Microsoft SQL Server, specifically Excel. The most exciting part is the deployment of Microsoft Business Intelligence. Using the data at hand, and information from multiple sources, CDO Foodsphere can easily explore, mix and match dimensions, compile and model it with the power of in-memory analytics to see unique behavior and patterns hidden in those data -- such as ‘what are the specific size, variant preferred by my consumers at a particular place, season, and even specific time of day.’ Microsoft Business Intelligence also highlights its capability to turn numbers into rich visual and interactive presentation.. As BI offers quick sharing and collaboration , decision makers can easily determine strong areas which can be fortified or discover weak areas and set a corresponding strategy shifting from being reactive to proactive to prescriptive.

“We encountered many instances that clients who long perceived that their best-seller later discovered that it is not their best-selling product after all. That is the beauty of Microsoft Business Intelligence, it can affirm or refute if current strategies still apply and help understand their customers better enabling companies to offer products, introduce innovation matched with consumer buying behavior. This makes the revenue stream sustainable over the long term,” ended Reyes.

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