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Business consulting: business & it alignment


In today's highly competitive and dynamically changing market, there's an increase pressure of making things right the first time.​In the many years that Wizardsgroup has been doing Professional Consutilng IT Services, we see that to make this happen,a prerequisite of paramount importance of "making things right the first time' is that critical alignment  between business and IT.

Thus the Wizardsgroup launched a specific service offering called Business Consulting. The objective of which include the ff:

  • Achieve strategic alignment between our customer's​​​​ Business Group and IT Department to ensure that the delivered solution matches the defined goals.
  • Derive 360° value creation across our customer's organization.
  • Maximize positive business returns and revenue potentials from IT investments by fluid execution and full proof risk management.
How do we engage?

Simple and Chewable. The typical engaagement process includes the ff:

  • One week Business Value Mapping > Two to Three Weeks Requirements Gathering / Workshops> One to Two Weeks Documentation, Validation, Presentation, and Confirmation > Completion.
  • Businness and IT stakeholders (Decision makers, Business Process Owners, Subject Matter Experts) identified including their level of involvement.
  • Key deliverables are: Revised Business Care, User Requirements Specification, Business Process, Design, User Experience Storyboard (when needed) , and Solution Blueprint.
  • Process Metodology

Wizardsgroup's Business Consulting Service aim's to deliver the ff benefits to our customers:

  • ​Strengthen the business value proposition and investment estimation.
  • Increase success rate of delivering a solution that meets business objectives.
  • Minimize the possibility of cost overruns due to implementation delays and / or high organizational change management.

Custo​mer Scenarios

Large to Medium size corparations can take advantage of the Wizardsgroup's Business Consulting Service specially if you are venturing to any of the ff:

  • Companies who are implementing major initiatives such as:
    • ​Mission Critical Systems
    • ERP
    • Core Business Applications
    • eCommerce
    • Custom Development
    • System Integration
    • Legacy System Migration
  • Applicable to any industries

User Requirements Specification(URS)

A mojor deliverable for the Wizardsgroup's Business Consulting Service in the URS Document. This document includes the ff:

  • ​​Wizardsgroup shall define the solution end-state requirements: application, non-functional, infrastructure, service, data, regulatory (if applicable) and deployment requirements.
  • This document will be the basis in validating the business case, in particular, the cost benefit analysis.
  • This document will be the input in creating the 1solution blueprint and functional specification.

Business Solution Blueprint

  • Contains the design decisions for application, process, technology, training approach, and performance support.
  • Key components are: system strategy, business process, architecture, data architecture, application architecture, technical architecture, information security and disaster recovery.

Business Process Design
Another output document is the BPD. This includes the ff:

  • Describes the steps of the business process, the order in which they are performed, and the decisions that are made along the way.
  • This helps understand and design the business process to be supported by the application.

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