June 26, 2014 (Makati, Philippines)

Braving roadless areas is like an irresistible temptation for PTT. When the Philippine government finally paved the way for a free market, PTT is the first foreign oil company to challenge the cutthroat competition in the relatively young deregulated oil industry.

In just a decade, PTT now holds the largest oil depot in the country, with a combined ullage of three million barrels from its storage facilities dotting Zambales, Angeles City and Cebu. From 37 gasoline stations, PTT expects to complete 45 service stations before the year 2014 ends.

In the earlier part of 2014, PTT decided to spur difference in their Office Exchange. “Though our previous system remained sound and relevant to our operation, we established that we have to proactively adopt the best solutions and technologies possible as a response to our commitment to inspire change in the oil industry,” said Mancy Joaquin, IT Manager of PTT.

“As we are planning for bolder expansion, we foresee that better collaboration will be fundamental to realize it, so we decided to migrate our processes and surf the advantages of the cloud through Office 365’s Exchange feature,” added Joaquin.

Currently, PTT is enjoying business-class email with a spacious 50GB storage per user with 99.9% uptime. The team is also learning how to appreciate the extreme mobility Office 365 brings as it offers seamless synchronization of tasks across all devices that they use, allowing them to work in their desktop while in the office and through their smartphones while on assignment.

But Wizardsgroup has a better vision for PTT. Considering the aim for better improvement of the company’s operation, Wizardsgroup introduced included features of Office 365 that the team can tap to explore other aspects of their business. “Our team always think ahead for our client, we know that in the future, there would be a need for efficient document sharing and tracking, hardware and software upgrades, compliance and security needs -- and all of these solutions are already laid out for them even before they ask for it,” said Pocholo Reyes, Managing Director of Wizardsgroup.

Thanks to Office 365, PTT soon found areas of great importance but was given slight attention. Before, the team needs to embargo ideas for the next group meeting, but with the sophisticated work sharing features of Office 365, anybody from the team can work anytime, anywhere, share it in realtime, track changes and share insights minute by minute, and make decisions when it is needed the most. Coordination between plants, service stations, and the office is getting smoother as everyone works on the same page with Sharepoint powered by realtime document sharing and team collaboration.

Aside from distance, security will never be an issue for PTT since Office 365 has intelligent customizable and secured sharing features, allowing the team to convey essential data without the risk of disclosing confidential information to external clients. One thing that sets Office 365 apart is that it allows users and non-users to work together without glitch.

“We realized that this new work experience allows us to seize more opportunities with lesser expenditures for the company. We are saving more on travel expenses, reducing our outlay from the cost incurred of traditional document exchanges, and lessening the intangible risks of doing business,” said Joaquin.

With the perceived impact of the petroleum business to the industry as a whole, to the society and the environment, conforming with government regulations and continuous compliance with international standards and certification can be formidable even for the daring PTT.

Office 365 is way up to date with the ever-evolving industry standards and regulations in privacy, security, handling of customer data, specified by ISO, EU and other models, local and international. The company can also save on cost of software licensing as Office 365 offers automatic updating without additional expenditure for its users. Most of all, in the midst of unforeseen events, companies working on Office 365 will be kept up and running with its disaster recovery capabilities.

“Even at the early stage of this project, we are already gaining a lot of inspiring results. Wizardsgroup added more value to what we have invested and the team delivered more than what we expected from them,” Mancy Joaquin said.