August 16, 2013

After taking the 10-day Ranger Program and having completed a series of lectures, demos, labs and presentations, students have voiced out their thoughts and thanks to each other and the staff that made this program possible.

“Very good training material. Accommodating staff, delicious food and competent instructors! More power! Ms. J-Anne, Sir TJ and Sir Oliver, thanks for the knowledge that you have contributed and shared to us and for being the best, coolest and most awesome instructors ever. Much appreciated," shared the graduates of the program. They had been immersed into extensive case studies and real-world presentations that they achieved through teamwork enhancement practices and by studying the digital course outlines (DMOLP) included in the Program.

Apart from the great session, the nice meals and the masterful instructors, these new Rangers have more to cherish. They can pride themselves now as equipped with developer skills to make them efficient and crucial for their organizations’ business operations. “Thank you for preparing us well in our future deployment on projects. I recommend [the Ranger Program] to other programmers that are eager to learn more,” the graduates continued.