MANILA, Philippines, March, 2014​

Alaska Milk Corporation (AMC), the country’s leading manufacturer of milk products, has partnered with Microsoft Philippines and Wizardsgroup in deploying SharePoint 2013 and implementing its very own Document Management System (DMS). This strategic direction is line with the company’s long-term goal to eliminate the use of paper in the workplace to achieve cost-efficiency and to further strengthen process effectiveness.

AMC is implementing SharePoint 2013, a cloud-powered platform that enables document and content management through portals, libraries and team sites on the Web. Through SharePoint, AMC will benefit from simplified sharing and effective management of information across different departments and working teams in the organization. SharePoint will serve as AMC’s collaborative platform that will enable employees to efficiently work among their departments through features such as newsfeeds, announcements, calendars, task lists and document libraries.

On top of SharePoint, AMC will also be rolling-out a document management system that will streamline and standardize processes across all departments in the company. The DMS will bring to AMC automation of workflows and document approvals the company needs to be efficient. With the DMS, processing of requests can be facilitated without the need for physical copies of forms which usually result in clutter and are often times misplaced.

To address the overwhelming data that needs to be indexed in the DMS, Wizardsgroup has made use of ‘metadata’ to facilitate AMC’s DMS. Otherwise known as a database of customized keywords, metadata enable users to easily sort through and manage a large quantity of information.

All in all, the solution complements AMC’s goal of achieving a ‘paperless’ working environment - which results in the reduction of clutter and extra expenses brought by physical copies of process forms and documents. In the long-term, the implementation of SharePoint 2013 along with the proposed DMS gives AMC the opportunity to properly manage their resources, run their business cost-effectively and constantly get ahead of competition.

“We take pride in partnering with Microsoft and Wizardsgroup in implementing a collaborative portal and Document Management System that improve the way we work. These solutions contribute to the standardization and fast-tracking of processes and policies that allow us to get more work done and be more efficient,” shares Joanna Gamboa, Chief Information Officer of AMC. “In addition to this, revolutionary solutions such as a DMS running on top of SharePoint strengthens our commitment towards proper resource management – a key priority for the organization this year. As these solutions provide the possibility of collaborating and sharing of document purely online, we are slowly steered towards our goal of achieving a fully paperless working environment for AMC,“ adds Gamboa.

“We love creating magical results for our customers. Magic that improves their business – streamline operations, synchronize supply chain, automate functions, enhance collaboration, enable and skill up people. We are excited to help AMC connect its people and processes, maximize individual and cross team collaboration thru Project Paperless. And the perfect collaboration platform to do that is Microsoft’s SharePoint” said Poch Reyes, Wizardsgroup Managing Director.

“At Microsoft, we are committed to helping enterprises through innovative solutions and technologies that transform the way they do business.” said Karrie Ilagan, General Manager of Microsoft Philippines. “With SharePoint 2013 and DMS, Microsoft, together with the Wizardsgroup, is able to provide AMC with a solution that provides them with the desired standardization and streamlining they need to efficiently run their business. Most of all, we are proud to partner with AMC and direct them towards their goal of a paperless working environment.”

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